Zimbabwe ban “wake up call” for PCB

Lahore  Zimbabwean cricket banned after government intervention is also a wake-up call for all cricket boards, including Pakistan, who will have to wipe out a number of clauses from their constitution that will allow the government or any government official boards. Sources claim that the decision to suspend Zimbabwe cricket is open to the eyes of all cricket boards, not just Pakistan, which encourages government intervention.
The current constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board was adopted in 2014 under the chairmanship of Najam Sethi. It is important to note that the most important clause in the constitution of the PCB is Article 45, whereby the federal government may, if deemed necessary or resort to reconciliation, amend or repeal any law by amending it or removing it. In addition to exiting and changing, it also has the right to increase.

Similarly, in accordance with clause number three, the patron of the board may, over time, give the board a general policy, which will require the implementation and compliance of the board. He does not get elected, but he gets this position as the Prime Minister of the country, but he can at any time remove the Chairman PCB from his position and under the special circumstances contained in the constitution of the PCB, he has this right. It is also possible to dissolve the board’s Supreme Body Governing Board. It is also a matter of gold, that the nominations of two members of the Governing Board are nominated by the acting Chief Which is traditionally a chairman is appointed PCB.


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