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Cricket Junoon is made by a team of big cricket fans and writers. Our main goal is to give you the newest cricket news and interesting facts quickly and accurately. Our team works hard day and night to create fun stuff for this cricket blog.

Cricket Junoon is all about bringing cricket fans together online. We want to give you fast news about cricket from around the world, along with cool stories about players, fun facts, and great moments in cricket history.

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When we started Cricket Junoon, we knew we wanted to make something special for cricket lovers. It took us almost a year to turn our idea into reality, but we did it because we love cricket and wanted to share that passion with you.

At Cricket Junoon, we want to give you more than just news. We want to entertain you and help you learn new things about cricket. We aim to make your cricket experience enjoyable and informative.

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Besides Cricket Junoon, we also run other websites with similar goals – to provide useful information that helps people in their daily lives. We value your feedback and always try to help you whenever you have questions or suggestions.

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Hi there, cricket fans! I’m Vishal Rathore, from Uttar Pradesh. I’ve been blogging since 2022, mainly about cricket. I love sharing interesting cricket stories and facts with people like you who share my passion for the game.