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T10 Cricket, the shortest format of Cricket, History, Rules, Leagues and more

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T10 cricket, is a shorter version of cricket. Two teams play one inning, which is limited to ten overs (60 legal balls) per side. The game lasts about 90 minutes.


The T10 League (now called the Abu Dhabi T10) in the United Arab Emirates was the first competition with this format in December 2017. The International Cricket Council (ICC) gave the league official approval. In May 2020, England cricket team captain Eoin Morgan supported the idea of using the format at the Olympics, and former international cricketers Virender Sehwag and Shahid Afridi also supported it. Cricket West Indies became the first full-member cricket board to launch a T10 competition called The Sixty in June 2022. Later that year, Sri Lanka Cricket and Zimbabwe Cricket announced their intentions to launch their own T10 competitions in 2023.

T10 leagues in Zimbabwe and the United States have been organised by T-Ten Sports, the organisers of the Abu Dhabi T10। India will host the Indian Street Premier League, a tennis ball cricket league with a T10 format, in 2024. The winners have spent more than ₹1,165 crore (US$150 million) to own the six teams.


  • Bowlers can only bowl two overs.
  • Each inning has three overs of powerplay, which is a time when additional fielding limits are in place.
  • In some T10 tournaments, the third powerplay over is a “floating” powerplay that the batting team can “activate” during any of the overs after the first two innings.
  • Playing a Super Over breaks ties। (If the tie continues, additional Super Overs may be played until there is a winner at the end of one of the Super Overs.) ।

T10 leagues

The Caribbean Premier League’s women’s T10 cricket matches were played before two of the knockout matches in 2019.

Cricket West Indies announced the start of the Vincy Premier T10 League on May 22, 2020, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Port Vila was the site of the Vanuatu T10 Blast one day prior. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) announced the launch of the first PDC T10 League in June 2020. Many other small T10 leagues have been created, like the Fiji Cricket Vakataukata T10 League and the Malaysia T10 Bash।

List of T10 leagues

  • Abu Dhabi T10, which was played in the United Arab Emirates, was approved by the ICC and was played for the first time in 2017।
  • Qatar T10 League, which was only held once in Doha in 2019, had six teams। After suspicions of match fixing during the competition were raised, the ICC launched an anti-corruption investigation in December 2019.
  • 30 European domestic champions play in the European Cricket League (ECL).
  • The Sixty, organized by Cricket West Indies and the Caribbean Premier League, will be held four times a year. It will begin with a five-day men’s and women’s tournament in August 2022.
  • Sri Lanka Cricket and the Abu Dhabi T10 League will organise the Lanka T10 League, which is supposed to start in December 2024.
  • Cricket Kenya has organised the Africa T10 League, which is supposed to begin in 2023.
  • Zim Afro T10 is a franchise-based competition founded by Zimbabwe Cricket. Its first season started in July 2023।
  • US Masters T10 League, which is located in the United States and features former international players, started its season in August 2023.

Different from other Formats of Cricket

T10 cricket is considerably shorter than other formats; T20 cricket, which has 20 overs per side and lasts about 3 hours, is the shortest form of cricket played at international level. Because it is comparatively short, there is a greater focus on scoring fast and breaking boundaries.


T10 cricket has received a lot of positive and negative feedback, mostly due to the format’s shortness.


  • Because the shorter format attracts more new fans and lets more games be played in a single stadium a day, many associates of the International Cricket Council have been in favour of T10 cricket becoming an additional international format and being played at the Olympics.
  • The T10 format’s ability to finish competitions in a shorter time may allow it to be played in more places and may make it more attractive to top-tier cricket players।
  • The T10 format, which is about ninety minutes long, may be a good competitor against other sports of similar length, like association football.
  • Some batters have said that T10 cricket will help them score more runs in longer formats, while some bowlers have said that T10 bowlers will play better in longer formats because of the increased pressure on them.


  • Since the shorter format, some players were unable to bat or bowl in a few matches within the first few years of T10 matches। When taking into account players who didn’t take any catches, this has only happened 14 times in over 100 years of Test cricket.
  • Because they can only bowl up to two overs, bowlers claimed that they would not be involved in the game. Additionally, they claim that bowlers have been able to compete in T10 matches.
  • The team batting second won the game 70.2% of the time in two years of games in the T10 League. This indicates that teams gained a significant advantage by winning the coin toss at the beginning of the game. opposed, chasing teams only won 54.7% of all T20 matches in 2016.
  • The leagues themselves have been criticised for not properly preparing for or organising games. One example was when a T10 League match was abandoned because the officials didn’t have the DLS rules on hand, and two games ended without trying to make a tiebreaker like a Super Over.
  • T10 competitions have raised concerns about corruption.
  • There are concerns that adding another cricket format to the three current international formats could lower the value of the T20 leagues in the long run, while some of the other three formats could be eliminated.

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