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The Art of Commentary in Cricket Telecasts: Memorable Moments and Legendary Voices

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Cricket Commentary

Imagine watching a game without cricket commentators. Suddenly, the game appears to be a colourless sport. The interest level of the audience will suddenly decline. The audience’s connection to the game will be overlooked.

Sports commentary is as important as the game itself. Cricket commentators revive the game and bring excitement and tension to the living room.

Over the years, cricket commentators have given the world of cricket some fond memories of the events that happened in the cricket field. These experts’ comments have made watching the game even more enjoyable

Great cricket commentators added extra punch to the game, making it easy for TV audience to follow the game as it went on। They are truly the voices of Cricket.


Although commentary is essentially a monologue, in the game it is more than just giving a match update; it is a skill that includes telling a story and, occasionally, describing the event in a poetic and artistic way। Although the game is watched in real time by a commentator, the audience is attracted to the game because the commentators captivate them with their accurate descriptions of the game, which creates a romance in the game।

The commentators have been equally responsible for the growth of the game with the right voice modulation and language command।

Here are some of the game’s gems that entertained us throughout the time।

Famous Cricket Commentators

Tony Greig:

Tony Greig would be on the list if cricket commentary was awarded an Oscar. The South African-born former English Captain became famous in cricket commentary during a time when commentary was composed and calm. With his exceptional expressions and his enthusiastic voice, he elevated commentary to a new level and kept television viewers hooked on live action.

He enjoyed watching live television because he could add drama to his voice।

Some of his famous remarks: That’s an Absolute Ripper !! , Take a Bow!! What a Player!!

Richie Benaud:

This former Australian captain was called the “Voice of Cricket” for his commentary skills, which were totally different from Tony Grieg’s। He became the voice of Australian media because his comments were soft, mild mannered, straightforward, and free of theatrics।

As a commentator, Ritchie was well-prepared, just like in his playing days। He was formally trained by the BBC in order to become one of the leading commentators of his time। He spoke in a formal tone, but never used too much hyperbole, and his language was as clean as possible।

Ravi Shastri:

While England had Tony Grieg, India had Ravi Shastri, who could make commentary come alive with his voice pitches। Even today, every Indian remembers his famous remarks during the final ball of the 2011 World Cup, or the remarks he made during Yuvraj Singh’s six sixes।

Ravi Shastri was fearless and publicly criticized a mistaken executive decision। Ravi Storm came into the media room during the press conference and expressed his displeasure on air about the match referee Mike Dennis, when Sachin Tendulkar was wrongly accused of ball tampering।

Ravi Shastri was India’s head coach for some time. After a successful stint, he returned to give comments।

Harsha Bhogle:

simplely one of the leading commentators of modern Indian cricket who came into the world of cricket commentary due to his genuine passion for the game। Harsha is one of the few commentators who didn’t play cricket but made a name for himself in broadcasting। Harsha Bhogle became a household name because of his work as a television host and commentator। Harsha Bhogle is an exceptional presenter who has been associated with IPL since its inception।

Geoffrey Boycott:

When it comes to remarks, the former English Captain Geoffrey Boycott was among the greatest of all time। He was the most loved commentator in India whenever he commented on any Indian series, and when he didn’t follow, he was a strong critic for the fundamentals of cricket।

To say the least, he was famous for his sharp sense of humour and his sarcasm। When he needed to criticize a player, his comments were sometimes brutally straightforward, and he did not mince his words।

His famous remarks, like “My mom could have caught the ball” for a missed catch or “My grandmother could have batted better,” were laughable।

He was one of the most sincere International cricket commentators and has a massive Indian fan base।

Nasser Hussain:

When it comes to commentary, Nasser Hussain is one of the greats of the modern era। He learns the game well and uses his knowledge to make logical and informative comments। He is a very unbiased commentator who doesn’t praise the home team and criticises his own team when necessary।

Hussain used British humour to his advantage, but he has often fallen prey to controversy because of his quick-witted and sharp insights into the game।

In Indian Fans, he is one of the most famous commentators।

Mark Nicholas:

Mark Nicholas is among the most well-known names in contemporary cricket। His voice was so popular that it was used in cricket video games (PS Games)।

Mark, a former English player, began his commentary for Sky Sports in 1995।

He is enjoyable to listen to and truly a great critic of the contemporary era।

Sunil Gavaskar:

Indian cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar is among the most revered experts in the world of cricket। Sunil Gavaskar moved to commentary after his playing days। He is widely considered one of the best cricket commentators because he has a deep understanding of the game।

Although Gavaskar is well-known for his tongue-in-cheek comments, his understanding and remarks are unquestionable।

Captain Gavaskar, always known as a smart and smart captain, is legendary for his comments on the game’s nuances। He is also well known for imitating his colleagues and picking interesting anecdotes from his playing days।

Gavaskar is also known for shouting out, particularly when bad decisions are made। He watches international cricket and makes commentary for Indian matches, ICC events, and the IPL।

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